Dr. Shahin Rostami - Leadership in data science and AI (R&D).

Shahin is a Data Scientist with Software Engineering skills that have been honed over two decades. He has multidisciplinary experience in both industry and academia, where he has demonstrated innovation and leadership.

He has authored many books and peer-reviewed publications on the subjects of Data Science, Visualisation, and Evolutionary Computation. He is the founder of PlotAPI.com, a powerful API and App, enabling the creation of engaging interactive visualisations that have been used in publications by academia, government, and industry.

He continues his academic activities and collaboration with many universities through joint publications and reviewing for high-impact journals and conferences, organisation and chairing of special sessions and conferences, supervision of PhD students on university research projects, guest lectures, and open access dissemination of research and education content including those on YouTube.

View my current two-page CV here.
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