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Swap memory on low resource servers

A few commands I have in my notes for swap memory on low resource servers, e.g. a cheap VPS.

Updating content creation date on macOS

I occasionally need to change the content creation date when copying a notebook file as a starting template for a new one.

Colours and patterns whilst travelling Japan

I spent part of my sabbatical on a journey around Japan, during which I noticed and snapped pictures of some interesting colours and patterns.

My pen plotter setup

I was unexpectedly gifted a pen plotter for Christmas last year! A few months later, I've got it set up and a workflow ready to go.

Reviewing the Motion Boom Plus - Soundcore by Anker

Anker Innovations got in touch a few weeks ago and said they were big fans of DataCrayon, and if I'd like to review one of their current Soundcore products. Being a big fan of Anker products myself, I was excited to review the Motion Boom Plus.

Creating a static site generator

I had this feeling that something was missing. Of course, I realised that I'd made the mistake of beginning to write without first creating a static site generator.

DIY magnetic VESA mount for iPad

I use the iPad for annotating papers, and sometimes for rough designs early on in projects. Otherwise, it sits on this mount for Sidecar displaying things like Spotify, Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Mail.

Polyra and me

Before embarking on this new venture, I had to make several important decisions on where I wanted to commit my time. The first of these decisions meant resigning from my posts as Senior Academic at my former university and Head of Data Science at my former company.

MacBook butterfly keyboard problems

Over the last three years, I've occasionally been using a MacBook Pro 13-inch 2018. Unfortunately, it has been the worst laptop experience of my existence!

Docker Toolbox, Windows 7, and Shared Volumes

Docker Toolbox installs a VirtualBox virtual machine running the boot2docker Linux distribution. Because of this, additional steps are needed when sharing volumes between the host operating system and a Docker container.